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Montclair, NJ, USA 07043

十大博彩推荐排名州立 大学 is on Valley Rd. 和普通大街.十大博彩推荐排名,n.n.J., one mile south of the junction of Routes 3 and 46.

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Driving 方向

Because 十大博彩推荐排名州立 has ready access to several major highways, directions to campus significantly depending on where you’re coming from. We recommend using 谷歌地图 or similar to plan your visit.

Using a GPS Device

Although there are multiple entrances to campus, visitor parking is located near our main entrance. Use our mailing address (1普通大街.) when you visit campus.

Non-Visitor 停车

If you’re a new student or employee you’ll need to make sure you park in the appropriate parking lot. 首先,访问 停车服务 and register for a parking permit. 接下来,检查 停车地图 to see which parking areas are available to you.

Public Transportation


MIDTOWN DIRECT-Montclair service operates between Montclair Heights Station and Penn Station New York from early morning until late evening, Monday through Friday. Peak period service will also run to and from Hoboken Heights and Newark Broad Street stations, plus you can use either MIDTOWN DIRECT-Montclair or Hoboken-bound trains to reach Newark Broad Street Station. 呼叫 1 - 800 - 626 或访问 for complete NJTransit information and schedules.


The 十大博彩推荐排名州立 大学 campus is located right next to two train stations. The Montclair Heights train station, located at the south end of campus, is just a few steps away from the main body of the campus. The 十大博彩推荐排名州立 大学 train station, located at the northwest end of campus, has a campus shuttle service to the main campus area. The Montclair-Boonton line does make stops at both stations.


  • 纽约市 (by bus): 营地巴士号. 66 leaves from the Port Authority 公共汽车 Terminal and drops you off on campus near Susan A. 科尔大厅. If the bus is not going all the way to campus, get off at Mt. Hebron and Valley roads, turn right (north) on Valley, and walk one block to the Normal Avenue traffic light, then turn left to campus entrance.
  • 纽瓦克: NJ Transit 公共汽车 No. 28 originates at Macy’s, Washington and Hill streets, and terminates its run on campus.
  • 帕特森: NJ Transit 公共汽车 No. 705 travels from Main Street and Broadway in Paterson. Or, NJ Transit 公共汽车 No. 72 originates at Broadway Terminal, Paterson, and goes to Broad Street, Bloomfield. 改为No. 28 at Bloomfield Center.
  • 橘子: 乘壹巴士公司. No. 44 to Main and Day streets in Orange. 连接 to NJ Transit 公共汽车 No. 92 to Glenwood and Bloomfield avenues. Change to NJ Transit 公共汽车 No. 28
  • 帕塞伊克河: NJ Transit 公共汽车 No. 705 originates at Main Street and Passaic Avenue in Passaic and travels through Clifton to 十大博彩推荐排名州立 大学.
  • 韦恩: NJ Transit 公共汽车 705 originates at Willowbrook Mall and ends its run on campus.

NJ Transit Trip Planner

If you’d like to use a combination of bus, train, or light rail, you can use the NJ Transit Trip Planner. Just input your start and end points and when you’d like to travel and it’ll search through the schedules for you.